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October: It’s the time of year to integrate all that’s happened in the past (an entire lifetime in the past) and to welcome in happy transformations that bring us -> -> -> to the life we want . . . you know, all the good stuff that has eluded us so far.

October is our annual opportunity to heal so many things about the past SO THAT the coming 12 months can move in the direction that has somehow seemed impossible. Until now.

Why is this so? Because we’re currently in what is the old-school, pre-modern end of the year . . . and start of the new year on Nov. 1. And when we work with these ancestral seasons and energy, amazing things can happen.

It’s all timed around the harvest.

Right now, it’s harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when ancestors assessed what had happened so far during the year, and wise women made a plan for what needed to happen differently next time — it’s where magic originally came from.

Day of the Dead and ancestor reverence

This is also the time of year when so many cultures remember their beloved ancestors. Depending on your traditions, you might be praying for their souls in the world beyond, or you might be praying/talking to them to ask for their help or guidance. (Tarot is a particularly effective way to do just that, if you work with a reader who knows how to contact divine spirit purely and directly.)

This is the best time of year to work on breaking generational curses. How would you know if your longstanding life challenges might come from your genetic line?

First of all, we’re all influenced by past generations in terms of nature (our DNA) and nurture (our ancestors’ beliefs and whether we were groomed by family to live the family script instead of living our own lives).

So, if you feel you were always having to fight against your family’s limitations, or that your family background made it almost impossible for you to be who you wanted to be, you’re looking at a generational, ancestral situation.

People call these things generational curses — but they’re rarely “curses.” Rather, they’re more likely very deep ruts in your life path, and they take some work to move out of. That work can be long and hard, or it can be easier and joyful. We get to choose.

What’s so special about October? Why not just wait until Spring to decide to make changes?

Because we are NOW in the incubation phase for the coming year. We want to do all of the deep work now, so that, during winter, we’re already seeing movement and growth beneath the surface.

This gives us hope during the dark phase of the year. And not just blind hope, but measurable evidence that we don’t have to stay stuck in old patterns and beliefs. It can be different. In fact, we see that it is already different and better.

All that growth and “underground” development happens now — your inner transformation, so that (just a few months from now) you’re reborn as the person who can live the life you want to live.

Whenever we align our actions with nature, miracles happen.

This is why October is the best time of year for a tarot reading. Dispel the confusion and discouragement. Learn about the “why” of unwanted things that have happened. Speak your wishes and dreams. And receive concrete steps to live those dreams that have been eluding you.

What to do now:

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